Amie Buckfield, London (Full name included at clients request)

“There’s something quite raw and fascinating about Gary’s personality. he holds the beautiful rare gift to inspire. Gary’s trustworthy nature and commitment to serve, makes our dealings an absolute pleasure for me. Nothing fazes this man and I can only put this down to his own life experience.

No two sessions have been the same, which keeps it fresh and his consistent professionalism makes him highly reliable.

Gary’s ability to connect and feel what is not working and not waste time on that, was exactly what I was looking for. My advice to anyone reading this would be: if you are willing and ready to take control, then Gary is definatley the man to help and guide you to being the better you that you deserve to be.

“Gary also introduced me to EFT (emotional freedom technique), I have to admit I was more than a little sceptical that ‘tapping’ would do anything for me. especially being hundreds of miles away and doing it on skype…How wrong was I!. I’m so glad I trusted Gary and give EFT a go. The results:  Two months later I still feel absolutely incredible and I can see a complete 180 shift in my reactions to things that stressed me out before.

Gary, I personally thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me and others…especially all the ‘unspoken good deeds’ you do, that no-one hears about.”

“Attentive and skilled, I recommend Gary wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help to find peace in their world.”

K, Nottingham

” I have had anxiety for as long as I  remember. Looking back, it plagued my childhood and has sapped my energy on and off for many years. I am always looking for many ways to manage it, particularly ones that are simple and can be used anytime and anywhere. Gaz, who I know through something completely different, mentioned that Emotional Freedom Technique might help. We had a 90 minute session during which he taught me the basics and i have been using it ever since to bring calm when I feel anxiety welling up. Gaz was attentive and skilled during this session: he has a relaxing way about him that allows you to focus on yourself in a completely safe environment. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help to find peace in their world.”

Louise M, Lichfield, Birmingham

“I was in counselling with Gary for about one year, and the change that, not only I see in myself, but that everyone around me can see is astounding. A year ago, I believed that I was weak and feeling emotions was a form of weakness. I was angry all of the time and I pushed people away that cared about me because I felt I didn’t deserve them or couldn’t trust them, all because of one event that changed my life, or so I thought. Gary taught me that the abuse does not have to define you, and it certainly doesn’t make you weak. He supported me through very difficult times and helped me develop into the person I always was, before the abuse. I can now quite honestly say that I haven’t let my past define my future. I am happier, calmer and stronger which I owe to Gary’s patience, kindness and dedication. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me.”

Gregory.W.Price Operations Manager, Page Protective Services Ltd, Afganistan

“Gary was working in Afghanistan, providing operational security and force protection services. In the time he was their I found Gary to possess the higher character, ethics,and dedication to duty. It has been my honor and pleasure to work alongside Gary and I can highly recommend him to any future employer, anywhere in the world. he is a dependable and reliable team player and an example of a professional at all times. He has performed his duties with skill and enthusiasm, he has been an outstanding example of calm competence for all the members of his team and they have benefited from his experience.”

J.Taylor, Erdington, Birmingham

“When I met Gaz I had no confidence. I wouldn’t go on buses or trains or go out without support. He helped me with my confidence and my anxiety. He has helped me with my motivation and facing some of my fears. These issues I had in the past, were controlling my life and Gaz has helped me be more in control of my life. Now I can get on buses and trains by myself and much more!

I also do self -defence with Gaz which has helped me a lot, too. I had no confidence and I could not even leave the house by myself but now I walk places by myself due to the help and support that Gaz gave me. Now, I feel I have many more skills when making decisions for myself and my independent living skills which have improved hugely.
Gaz is so easy to get on with, a great listener, great understanding of others and has a great personality. I would highly recommend his services as it has helped me a lot”.

David S. Bowers Afghanistan/2009-2012

“In the time I spent working along side Gary in Afghanistan, I found him to be a complete professional in all his tasks, courteous and very respectful of all who encountered him.

Gary was well liked and respected by not only his co-workers but his superiors as well.
From his close protective work in Libya and his self defence skills, to his protective duties in Afghanistan, Gary would be a perfect fit in any given situation.
If you’re considering employing Gary you’re making a very wise decision!.”

Dave Hill, Site Security Program Manager, Afghanistan

“Gary worked in Afghanistan as an Armed Security Professional, and I was his Program Manager. He continuously looked for ways to improve services to the client, develop a “team” mentality among his peers, and strive for personal improvement. He demonstrated a strong ability to interact with persons of different cultures. Based on Gary’s professional and consistent actions, he was often put into positions of responsibility beyond that of his peers. In performing those duties, he continued to excel and would have been a strong candidate for future promotion if he had not been demobilized along with the rest of the staff. His immediate team leader commented to me that he would have liked 80 Gary’s in his team.”

Geoff Thompson, BAFTA winning screenwriter (

” If you have real problems in the world and you need a real solution, it goes without saying that you need to be guided and counselled by real people who understand and more importantly have overcome the very problems you are dealing with. These people are rare in the world,so it is with great pleasure and assurance that i highly recommend Gary; as a teacher, as a healer, and a counsellor of repute.He is a wonderful, gentle,massively experienced man, with a great elixer to share. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Sarah Moore, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham (Full name included at clients request)

“After being in a violent relationship for 18 years, and finally having the strength to leave that environment, it was time for me to rebuild my strengths and manage my weaknesses. I thought I should be prepared for if needed to protect both myself and my children. Not knowing where to start with doing this, phoned Gary to ask his advice. Gary came round to the house to have a non committed chat to identify what the reasons were for me wanting to do self defence. He asked questions about my personal situation and the history, and said he would make sessions to suit the areas that needed to build on. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Our sessions work on confidence in different situations and the different mind set you need to have as well as, the physical aspect.”

Gary Wicker, Director, NetworkFour, Birmingham

“I have known Gary for a number years in both a professional capacity and a personal one. What shines through with Gary he is a very humble individual and has a great understanding of people from all walks of life. Gary is caring, detailed, flexible, trust worthy and sensitive. He has a special quality that enables him to both challenge and set boundaries, but also to be able to understand and use his personal walk to amazing use to help the people that choose to engage.”

Jody Fowler, Solihull, Birmingham (Full name included at clients request)

“I decided to move abroad alone to work. I had never had any reason to do self Defence but thought I should get a few skills to be able to deal with different situations if I found myself in them. I met Gary, who tailor-made a program including different life scenarios, for me to follow that gave me Confidence to go it alone. He helped me to identify potential risks within the business I was in, and gave security advice that meant my own personal safety was then not at risk. Gary was very professional, and knowledgeable throughout the program, and I would be more than happy to work with Gary again.”

Marcus Parsons, Manager, Inclusion Drug & Psychological Therapy Service, Birmingham

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gary for some years. As a service manager for drug and alcohol services, Gary has shown himself able to have an open, non judgmental and empathic attitude to all he has come into contact with. That may be Doctors, vulnerable individuals or partnership organisations. He has at all times been able to adapt quickly and professionally to all situations and show initiative, intelligence and creativity: to ensure the best for his clients. He will go the extra mile, with compassion, respect, boundaries and with professionalism. He is truly a unique individual considering his varied work experience, which shows an individual with passion, flexibility and intelligence that is hard to find.”

Dina Cooper, Family Law Advisor, Solihull, Birmingham (Full name included at clients request)

“Gary was recommended to me through a friend to teach me self defence. I was so impressed with his professionalism and common sense talk that I felt my teenage daughter would also benefit from his help. I then became interested in the Reiki that he practices and, having recently gone through a traumatic relationship breakdown, I decided to give it a go. I have to say it really worked, leaving me feeling calm, relaxed and confident. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary as a professional and as an individual.”

Spring Hill High School, Erdington, Birmingham

“Gary has been providing 1:1 support to the young people in our school. The young people love to work with Gary and he is having a very positive impact on their lives. Gary wears his heart on his sleeve, which makes him so approachable and easy to talk to.”

Sean Gilligan, Clinical Director, Thoughts of Others Ltd

“We specialise in caring for some of the most socially excluded young people in the country. They have multiple diagnoses and present with very challenging behaviour. Gary has been providing individual support and counselling to these young people and s having a very positive impact on their lives. The level of commitment, knowledge and integrity Gary brings to his role is reassuring when working with such vulnerable young people.”

Alex Martin, International Development Consultant, Libya

“Gary is an excellent security and personal protection officer. He is professional, disciplined and highly aware, whilst retaining a low-key, relaxed manner which puts people at their ease. Thanks to his professionalism in a very hostile environment, I was able to focus fully on my business and forget about issues of security. He has real presence, combined with the ability to blend into the background when necessary – in key business meetings I literally forgot he was there. I would happily work with Gary again.”

Kane Georgiou, Walsall Football Club Physiotherapist (Full name included at clients request) 

“From my experience I find Gary to be humble, patient and relaxed, all qualities that help take the pressure off his clients and allow them to learn more effectively and at their own pace. It becomes clear very early on that Gary really knows his stuff. He knows what works in real life and what doesn’t and this is the key to why I choose to train with him. I would certainly have no hesitation to recommend him to professional athletes, who are used to a high standard of information/application delivery, and also to general members of the public”

Chris Heathcote, Security manager (Oil and Gas), Middle East

“Gary is an excellent operator in the field, poised and ready for all problems that arise, his expert knowledge in the field of CP work is invaluable to a team, he works hard and always puts others first in his approach, he is a dedicated security professional and can adapt to all situations either in the field of the middle east to the London streets. A trusted member of a team or as an individual, I would relish the opportunity to work with him again and would recommend him to anyone in either personnel or big business.”

Mark Scott, Team Leader, Northern Afghanistan

“Whilst in northern Afghanistan, I met Gary who was a member of my team. I got to know Gary very well, at the time he identified with me and after a short while he became in tune with my outlook on life. He gave me the insight and self confidence to address some issues that Id had previously overlooked in fact ignored in my life. Due to the nature of our job and where we were Gary’s professionalism and the ability to identify with people and lift their spirits in sometimes difficult and austere conditions is a credit to him. Throughout Gary’s life experience’s he has the ability to offer something for everyone and he has the time to listen and empathise and offer a solution a skill sadly lacking in todays society”.

Graham Stoneman, Chief Instructor Solihull Self Defence

“Gary is an excellent instructor and an all round, genuine nice guy. He is passionate about what he teaches and knows what training works in real life situations. He is a superb teacher and gets the best out of everyone he trains.

He is one of the highest qualified people in life experience, that I have met training in self defence, Gary is second to none.”

Andy Hopwood, Founder & Chief Instructor Hopwood UK

“I have always known Gary to be honest, punctual and conscientious with all projects that he has been involved with; he is a reliable, trustworthy and responsible instructor with a vast depth of experience and knowledge. If that’s not enough to encourage you to hire him – he is also a very nice guy and a lot of fun to be around.”

Eddie Quinn, Martial Arts Instructor

“Gary has walked down many different paths in his life. He has a wealth of knowledge in many areas and has a rare gift to be able to share his own life’s experiences to help others make their own lives better.
He is a well respected member of my instructor team who always carries around with him a welcoming smile and a twinkle in his eyes. Gary is humble, polite and one of life’s nice guys, however you should never mistake Gary’s kindness for weakness, beneath the smile is a highly professional individual, totally focused on the client, class or task.”

Paul Clusker, Owner, Backcare and Acupuncture Clinic, Birmingham

“I have known Gary for more than ten years. In that time he has impressed me as a man of integrity, acuity, courage and determination. Over this period I have seen him at home, at work and at play. What emerges is a man who by means of personality and the richness of his life experiences has grown into a rounded, generous, trustworthy and reliable friend and colleague. Spending time with Gary I’ve learned some important lessons from him:

Give freely to people in need, don’t judge them for the choices they’re currently making and the circumstances they find themselves in right now. Never look for a fight, always be prepared to listen and talk, but when a line is crossed act swiftly and decisively. Know your values, be clear as to your boundaries and have the courage to disagree and say no.”

Tony Somers, BACP Counsellor, 5th Dan Martial Artist and author of Fighter Rescuer Healer

“Gary is a unique character. He is a very caring man, who knows what it is like to feel both physical and emotional pain. Gary’s experience doesn’t just come from books but from real life experience. His earlier life was a mix of emotional ‘hard’ times and destructive, physical escapism. However this is not what makes him unique as there are lots of very physical men in the world who might marinate themselves in this type of situation. Gary has transcended from a world where being emotionally deprived and being physical was the ‘norm’ to now using all of the knowledge he has learnt on his journey to help others. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary on any level, his honesty and integrity shine through.”

Jack Gilligan, Mosely, Birmingham (Full name included at clients request)

“I started training with Gary two years ago. Since then, it has been easy to underestimate the impact that the training has had on my own life. The way I stand, the way I walk, and the way I hold myself has all changed. Most importantly however, my self-confidence has increased. Gary’s tuition ensures that this doesn’t manifest itself in arrogance, cockiness or needless aggression. After a short amount of time training with Gary, you begin to notice a quiet confidence in yourself that you didn’t before. In normal everyday life the training seems to nestle in nicely with the life you were used to leading. This is to say, Gary’s training doesn’t alter the person you are; it simply enhances certain aspects of your life. With the obvious benefits of fitness, on reflection Gary’s training has without doubt proved to be one of the best things I have ever undertaken. He is an out and out gentleman, someone with whom you can confide and trust to no end. His attitude to teaching was perfect for me and his eagerness to see his students succeed pushed me through the difficult times in training. I would recommend his training to anybody who wants to build there confidence, feel more aware on the inside as well as the outside and learn skills that are tailored to the individual”.